How hookups work: Top facts about casual sex apps online

Get to know how hookups work for sex-positive singles and couples who seek casual partners online. Best tips and pitfalls for one-night-stand seekers.

Hookup blogs have many functions and they are in general very helpful for singles worldwide. But the most important function is a scam preventing since there is a lot of it nowadays.

Casual Online Sex Apps
Sexy Women On Casual Dating Apps

Adult dating search online is risky itself, because one deals with total strangers and shares his intimate sphere with them. Then add a meeting in real with the same strangers. 

One has to be lucky to meet decent and safe personalities during such an adventure, otherwise, he should use a high-quality app for casual sex and fun where all users are pre-checked. 

Top safest casual sex apps 

As understood, it’s crucial to use qualitative platforms only, with positive reviews and a high rating. But also to use common sense and be extra careful while using the hookup sites. 

Safe Casual Sex Apps
Safe Sex Dating

Since no one wants his personal data to leak, and his free evening to be spoiled, users do search for the safest sex hookup sites as some kind of guarantee and reassurance

Pure app

Pure went too famous not to include it into the list. There are both the app and the desktop version, which is very convenient for lonely nights. The site has as many features as the app. 

Its main advantage is full anonymity, but let’s answer the question of whether anonymity is equal to safety or not? For the one who is genuine and harmless, definitely yes. 

Pure Dating App
Pure Dating

Although Pure was made specially for women’s convenience, it can be dangerous for those who meet strangers frequently without much preparation or let’s say body-guarding. 

Chat success rate 

Ends up in virtual sex 32%
Ends up in a real meeting65%
Ends up in safe hooking up41%

This slight difference between meeting in real and safe getting laid shall mean people either met and disliked each other, or had less safe intercourse. The overall safety level is high though. 

AdultFriendFinder app

Among all other hookup apps and sites, this platform is really massive with a huge database of members and various features. Its name says for itself and it fits this purpose. 

MILFs On AFF Dating App
High Rated AFF MILF Member

The site is used by all groups of people including non-singles, also it allows to be as transparent or secretive as the user wants. Some claim it was more efficient before though. 

  • Safe cheating
  • Safe swinger swap
  • Safe threesomes

Flingster app

Flingster has grown popular so quickly as a good hookup site that its competitors in the market started to look a bit old-fashioned on its background. It’s new yet loved already

It welcomes singles with all kinds of search purposes, of any age and sexual orientation. It also has an informative hookup blog, mostly for women, and elements of a social network. 

Flingster App Sexy Member
MILFs On Flinster

Everyone can be as open or secretive as he wants on Flingster, it depends on the personal settings of the profile. The quality of the platform is so high that it overshines Tinder in some areas.  

  1. Two-way video chatting
  2. Real-life hookups 
  3. Bi-curious play 

Are MILFs better for hookups 

It doesn’t matter much whom to hook up with, a never-married or a divorcee. But the presence of children in one’s life may affect the number and quality of casual affairs a lot.

There are three main categories of singles regarding their family status: 

  • No children yet
  • Single parents
  • Childfree 

Hooking up a single parent is, first of all, a positive thing. Why? Because this category of singles is under heavy pressure from the side of society, and it isn’t going to change

For single dads, it is considered non-decent to keep on having fun with casual partners instead of finding a stable woman who would be the most caring stepmother for the kids. 

Dating For Adult Singles
Single Adult Woman

While for single moms things are even more complicated. They are directly called damaged goods, and the society seems to never stop judging them for having a child from a non-reliable man

On another hand, MILFs are one of the most desirable categories for hookups, ever. They have curvier shapes and much more experience in a bed than skinny youngsters.

Best MILF hookup apps 

Men who hook up single mothers, may wonder whether she wants any sponsorship that would cover her expenses. The hottest ones are using sugar dating apps to meet men, indeed. 

Hooking up greatly improves things and keeps them in a balance. No strings attached, no mutual obligations, no even acquaintance with a kid, only enjoying intimacy. Fabulous! 

Free Cougar Dating Apps

The tension is neutralized in this case, single parents’ rights for private life are restored, but their mind should be broadened, still, since respect is crucial even for casual sex affairs. 

  1. Milfaholic – 68% reply rate 
  2. MilfFinder – 73% reply rate 
  3. Milftastic – 82% reply rate 

It is seen from the statistics MILF lovers are highly interested in meeting men online for sex, at least. Then you both decide whether it grows into the LTR or remains just a friendship with benefits

How to hookup a single mom

In case you want to repeat hookups with the same person, your FWB, let it be a foreign woman who relocated recently and who doesn’t have western roots. She can be Asian or Eastern European.

They have another mentality as well as their kiddies, they are more thankful even for little things, and fewer demands in general. Having fun occasionally sounds just great to her. 

It’s because foreign women are especially stressed to deal with everyday reality in the US and they’re happy to get some relief. If it’s accompanied with a free meal, they’re even happier! 

Dating For Single Parents
Single Parents Dating

Whether you prefer foreign or local females, you can develop efficient strategies that’ll help you on a daily basis. Here are some of them and you can always add more to the list

  • Relax together. Having a four-handed HE massage for couples can be a good idea. 
  • Try public places. MILFs are much hornier and more open-minded than young chicks. 
  • Have quickies. Yes, super instant and brief sex works better with busy single moms. 
  • Add new kinks. Accept the rule to add one never tried kink each time you meet. 
  • Be spontaneous. Got horny? Call her out on your back seat or in the elevator.
  • Choose CFS only. None of you wants consequences, so, have protected sex only.

Young girls vs mature moms hookup

It’s not true that single moms don’t need hookups because they’re all focused on a serious search. Yes, theoretically they need a lifetime partner, we all do, but a quick relief is needed too. 

Young single moms are still with one foot in their childhood. On a subconscious level, they feel it’s unfair to dedicate all of them to a baby only, and they want some moral reward. 

That’s why it’s kind of easy to seduce them and enjoy bright moments together. They are just waiting for someone to pet them, pamper them, and entertain them, so go ahead! 

Single mothers by country, market share 

Russian MILFs 19%
Filipina MILFs 18%
UK MILFs 14%
Dating By Country

20+ chicks party easier as well. You can meet them anywhere no matter if you go to friends or to the nightclubs, they’re just always there. So it’s not a problem to hookup young single moms. 

Mature moms have other leverage on them. If you understand their psychology and reasoning well, you’ll have an affair with them easily as well. They went through more things in life

Single Young Russian Sexy
Russian Young Single Woman

There’s more danger they will want all your potential at once, because their children need a solid basement in life. So it’s better for you to get involved only with well-provided single moms. 


Cougar Life


How to end a hookup

Casual affairs are quick, and it’s known in advance. You won’t hurt anyone, just put your limits and make sure it’s over. Get detached from a person’s hotness, and leave your empathy behind. 

  • Don’t be a good guy. Let her know from the beginning you’re a typical womanizer or a lone wolf. So, you are just collecting special experiences with different persons. 
  • Budget limits. It helps to say you have enough money for several cool weekends but after this, there are other urgent expenses. She’ll reduce her expectations then
  • Exceed with the drinks. Not to spoil your hot night, of course. But after, you can play a drunk dude just to get rid of her. She won’t want you around as well.

There are actually too many breakup tricks to list them all. You can pretend to be stingy, you can bring her to your buddy’s home that looks miserable, or you can text other girls after sex.

Hookup Online Guide
How To End Hookup Guide

But it’s not obligatory to turn into a jerk completely. Just do something non-romantic once you finished, no matter how good it was. It’s usually enough for building a healthy distance. 

How to have a hookup tour

Now it depends, which category you prefer out of the listed ones. There is a strategy for each particular kind, and you can learn them even if you’re a beginner in pickup and sex tourism

First of all, do not try to get something pre-organized for your erotic vacation. Online tours are mostly meant for marital purposes, or simply manage the mass scam processes. 

Hookup Works Sex Travel
Sex Tour By Countries

The best experience is arranged online on your own, when you do not depend on anyone. But you have to be extra careful in your search, using only well-checked travel hookup apps

  1. Toubar – 1.5 mln. members 
  2. YourTravelMates – 0.5 mln. members 
  3. Miss Travel – 1+ mln. members 
  4. Tripr – 0.4 mln. members 

There are some safest ways to hookup abroad that we can recommend. It is obvious that the third-world countries girls are the cheapest ones to correspond with, meet, and even date.

They are less glamorous, less demanding, and happy with just very basic things. What you can do is trying to explore their culture and old-fashioned ideals in advance, before you visit. 

If you aren’t sure where to start, present three roses online or a box of chocolates. You can also bring them to your real meeting. Often, it’s totally enough for enchanting foreign girls.  

Top elite hookup apps 

Interesting, but you can use the same trick with roses when you’re hooking up with a foreign woman who’s well-provided and doesn’t need much from you except some good rough sex

However, business ladies can be met on elite dating apps and sites only. They appreciate themselves and never choose to register on average free hookup platforms for youngsters

To create your profile there, use the most prestigious photo you have, even if it’s edited a bit. Wear your best suit on it, and have a brand new car on the background. 

Elite Hookup Sexy Woman
Elite Young Hookup Woman

If it’s an anonymous hookup app, do not even bother to place a photo though. Instead, describe yourself as a cool guy too busy for an LTR who just wants some nice moments with a lady

That sounds perfect to women of a high social level who want an equal partner for a night or an hour. She may even pay for a luxurious hotel by herself as it isn’t an issue

Sudy Cougar 

Glucose Mommas Dating

OGO app

Elite Singles


It’s easy to hookup girls of higher quality and mutually enjoy the process. Just be creative, proactive, determined, and you will collect the best harvest in your sexual life there.